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Monday, 13 August 2018

Quick information about milk

Quick information about milk

Drinking a glass of milk daily is the advice which all doctors give to everyone in this world.
Drinking a glass of milk daily is very beneficial for human body.
Milk is a dairy product, both vegetarian and nonvegetarian can add this to their diet.
It's not for those persons who have lactose intolerance problem.
Milk can be added as a post-workout drink because it contains proteins in it which is essential in the development of muscles.
It promotes the growth of the bones in the body of children.
It boosts your energy level and reduces the stress from the body.
It's the best option for those peoples who do workouts because milk can be used as a breakfast meal or it can be added to the pre-workout meal.
Drinking a glass of milk before your bedtime can be very helpful for your body because it contains casein protein in it which is slow digesting protein, which improves the chances of muscle growth in the body.
Who drinks milk daily have the lesser chance of strokes.
It rehydrates the body and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Milk is loaded with many benefits and you can drink this organically or in the form of supplements, milk helps those persons who were struggling with some dangerous disease.
Milk is loaded with nutrients
1. Potassium - controls the blood pressure level in the body.
2. Vitamin b12 - it keeps the body nerve and blood cells healthy.
3. Calcium - promotes strong bones.
4. Vitamin d - helps in the production of hormones which makes body happier. (happy hormone).
5. Vitamin a - supports bone health, protects the eyes from night blindness.
6. Magnesium - prevents from diabetes, lower the risk of kidney stone.
7. Zinc - increases immunity, a powerful antioxidant.
8. Vitamin b1- promotes energy production, improves digestion and improves memory.
9. Excellent source of protein. (300 ml contains 8 grams of protein).
10. Vitamin e - improves the quality of the skin. 
12. beta-carotene - promotes brain health. 
13. vitamin k2 - decreases inflammation.
It Reduces pigmentation and helps to heal dry skin.
It helps to heal acne and heals sunburn.
Drinking milk can decrease your migraine problem.
Drinking milk can de-stress your mind.
Milk in your daily diet ensures that your hair is strong enough to not break from the middle.
Calcium boosts hair growth and prevents hair loss.

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