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Sunday, 12 August 2018

Top 4 sources of protein

Top 4 sources of protein 

Protein is an important nutrient for our body as in many ways like it helps to build the blocks for body tissue and it helps in as an energy source for our body, In this article, we will tell you the best 4 sources of protein, that you can add in your diet plan.
Chicken contains a high amount of protein in it. chicken is a favorite food for gym lovers, 
but we all have to eat chicken because it contains essential amino acids which are very important for our body. chickens are high in vitamins and minerals. it contains vitamins like vitamin b12 and vitamin e. It contains minerals like zinc and calcium in it. eating chicken can controls the blood pressure level in the body and lowers the risk of canceryou can add chicken to your dinner or breakfast. it lowers the risk of High cholesterol in the body. a 100 gram of chicken breast contains 30 gram of pure protein in it.
Fish contains a high amount of protein, in all over the world fish is known for its high content for the protein in it.
A fish is loaded with many good fatty acids in it like omega 3 which is very good for our health. Eating fish can reduce the risk of heart attack in the body and stroke. Fish contains DHA which is very beneficial to the brain and it prevents from cancerit's good for the eyes and reduces the acne on the face. fish is very famous food all over the world because of the large variety, fish has many types of species. fish contains many nutrients in like vitamin d, a 100-gram salmon fish contains 22 gram of pure protein in it.
Eggs are the low budget options for the protein-rich food, but we don't that egg contains 3 essential amino acids which are presented in chicken and in the cost difference egg is cheaper than chicken. eating eggs can lower the risk of breast cancer.
Eggs are the great source of vitamin, it contains many vitamins which are beneficial to our body and provides us with energy, it contains vitamin b2, b3, b5, b6, and b12you can add eggs at any time in your diet and if you do workout then it's the best source of pre-workout because eggs contain that type of amino acids which our body doesn't make itself and those aminos can improve the performance in the workout. eggs are high in iron and it can reduce the deficiency of iron from the body, in one egg there is 5-6 gram of pure protein.
Turkey is a high source of protein, and turkey contains many types of nutrients which give strength to our body. turkey contains a high amount of potassium in it and it boosts the immune system in the body. it contains many vitamins in it like vitamin k and vitamin D. it contains calcium which makes our bones strong.
In Turkey there are 2 options, 1st one is red meat and the second one is white and they both contains different amounts of nutrients in it. it's a great source of iron and it's good for the heart. 100 grams of Turkey breast contains 30 grams of protein

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