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Saturday, 27 October 2018

What Is The Best Time To Consume A Whey Protein Shake? Here's The simple Answer

Best Time To Consume A Whey Protein Shake?

The Best timing of taking whey protein has always been a hot and popular topic. For decades and people believed that you need to take whey protein immediately after your workout.

Theories have changed away but the myths between people around this refuse to die down. How to take of whey protein benefits? The latest news is that you will get to hear from many big fitness experts is that whey protein is maximum absorbed when taken before a workout, not after, yes you heard it right. as your body will absorb all the protein during the workout and weight training.

What does research tell?

In all research, a group of the male was divided into two different groups and both the groups were given a high-quality protein shake containing 24 gm protein. One group consumes it immediately before their workout session and the second group consumed it immediately after their workout. The research found no significant differences in muscle size and muscles strength both the groups. It doesn't matter whether you take your protein shake before or after your workout or strength training.

Daily Intake of Protein Plays Important Role

people who workouts and weight train on regular basis, have higher requirements of protein intake. The correct amount of protein intake will depend upon your level of workout and strength training and other factors, many fitness experts recommend consuming around 1.5gm/kg of protein to gain more muscle size and strength.

If your goal is to gain more muscle size and more strength, then completing your daily protein intake is a big factor, rather than the timing of your protein intake. The RDA of an average person is 0.7gm/kg which is the lowest amount of protein that a normal person should consume in his diet.

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