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Strengthpunch gives you the the best knowledge about your hair regrowth, Carbohydrates, proteins, multivitamins, diet plans for muscle building and the best workout and exercise routines to improve your looks, endurance, strength with health and nutrition tips from experts, tips and guides on health, fitness, gears and styles, keep up to date with latest health and sex advise from World's best trainers, bodybuilding and strength training articles.

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Hi, myself  Anubhav I am a certified Nutritionist in sports science, and a Fitness blogger, I will give you the best knowledge about your daily fitness routines, Health, and fitness.
Fitness is everything to me and sharing knowledge in the world is a very great job for me.  I live in New Delhi which is the capital of India, and I have studied my high school and college from here, and I have joined the gym when I was in 12th standard and from that time I was studying the sports science and I have an experience of  5 years in nutrition. I have started this website to share some basic and high knowledge about health and fitness, here I write about healthy lifestyles and article related to fitness. I write about diet plans related to weight loss and muscle building. I have a good experience in the fitness field. I give personal training of workouts at the gym, my main mission is to aware people about the health. I want to share the truth about health and fitness, my main motto is to tell that if you want a good physique than you have to work hard, and I will help those people who really want a healthy lifestyle and want to achieve their fitness goals, I have created my own designed diet plans absolutely free and I will always share free diet plans, because in this world many people can't afford trainers or dietician for them but they are pushing themselves harder to achieve a good physique, in this website everything is free, you can ask me anything related to health fitness.

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  1. superb anubhav sir
    your tips given me strengh to punch my extra calories
    thank you very much...


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